Drinking coffee could be good for heart health: AHA

(Photo: Sipse)

Scientists found that a cup of coffee a week decreases the risk of heart attack by 7% and stroke by 8%…

MEXICO CITY – The American Heart Association published a report that indicates that coffee consumption can help reduce the risk of developing heart failure or having a stroke. This effect has been demonstrated by a preliminary study presented at the scientific session of this year’s organization.

The specialists came to this conclusion based on the results of the Framingham study, conducted in 1948 to analyze the diet and the state of the cardiovascular system of a group of residents of this American city in the state of Massachusetts.

(Photo: Sipse)

The scientists used the machine-learning method to search for relationships in the data collected by Framingham in much the same way that online shopping sites predict the products a user may prefer based on their Shopping history.

They then compared the results of the automatic investigation with the results of traditional research and found a relationship between coffee consumption and the low risk of suffering the aforementioned health problems. The communiqué of the organization emphasizes that it is a study that shows an observed relationship but does not show cause and effect.

Source: www.sipse.com