Cooler temperatures mean respiratory diseases season in Yucatan

(Photo: Reporteros Hoy)

In just one week 10 thousand respiratory diseases cases were recorded in Yucatan….

MERIDA – Medical authorities report a notable increase in cases of acute respiratory infections, a figure that has grown significantly at least in the last three weeks in Yucatan.

The National Epidemiological Surveillance System (Sinave) reported 11 thousand 72 cases of respiratory infections until November 11 in the state, a condition that has been on the rise at the beginning of this period of low temperatures.

The previous week, according to the Sinave, there were 9 thousand 956 new cases of respiratory infections, almost 1,500 more than the week before that, when they reported just over 8 thousand cases.

(Photo: Reporteros Hoy)

So far this year, 517 thousand 75 cases of this condition have been confirmed until November, a figure higher than the one reported in last year’s same period, when 438,533 cases were counted in 2016, so there is an increase of 78 thousand 542 cases in this 2017.

According to the State Secretary of Health, it is normal that there is an increase in this type of disease, which is why it was suggested to the vulnerable population to apply the influenza vaccine to avoid further infections.

In the case of conjunctivitis, the state authority indicates that it continues decreasing as there were only 668 cases registered this week with over 90 thousand so far this year.