Authorities halt land clearing in Cuxtal Nature Reserve

(Photo: Diario de Yucatán)

Profepa has closed the area and stopped the illegal activities that were carried on there…

MERIDA — Inspectors of the Federal Attorney for Environmental Protection stopped the vegetation removal activities in an area of 3.5 acres of the Cuxtal Reserve, in the municipality of Merida.

In response to the City Council’s complaint, an inspection was carried out in the reserve, where activities to change land use through the elimination of vegetation were detected.

According to the official report the vegetation removal was done without the authorization of Land Use Change in Forest Land issued by the Environment and Natural Resources Secretariat (Semarnat).

(Photo: Diario de Yucatán)

Based on the General Law of Sustainable Forestry Development (LGDFS), the temporary closure of the works was imposed as a safety measure to avoid further damage to the environment.

The Cuxtal Reserve is a Natural Protected Area with an area of ​​26,581 acres, which borders Kanasín and Umán.

This site provides environmental services, such as water collection, oxygen generation and carbon capture, climate modulation, among others.

The sanction for the “change of land use” without authorization can reach a fine of 100 to 20 thousand times the Unit of Measurement and Update (Minimum Salary).

The Federal Criminal Code establishes a penalty of six months to nine years in prison for anyone who disassembles or destroys natural vegetation; tears down or cuts down some trees, or changes the use of forest land.