Merida ATM gang suspects hire 15 defense lawyers

(Photo: La Verdad)

The stolen ATM reportedly contained more than $867,000 pesos, but the police recovered only $132,000 pesos…

MERIDA – The second judge of control Luis Mugarte Guerrero charged the five individuals who allegedly stole an ATM Sunday Nov. 19 with the crime of robbery committed in a gang. According to the prosecutors’ exposition, this equipment contained the amount of $867,900 pesos, of which the State Investigation Police recovered only $132,000 pesos in bills of different denomination.

(Photo: La Verdad)

The defendants alleged that they were arrested on the morning of Sunday Nov. 19, at different points, and that they could not be the perpetrators of the robbery that happened that same night.

However, Judge Luis Mugarte Guerrero ordered these five individuals to be remanded in custody, so that they may remain in the State Social Rehabilitation Center, awaiting the resolution of their legal situation, at a hearing scheduled for November 27.

The defendants also alleged they were tortured by the police, which motivated the judge to order the Attorney General of the State to investigate this, and requested that these investigations be carried out by an external agency.

The defendants have a team of 15 lawyers (three for each one), among whom are two from Mexico City, as well as the former director of Previous Inquiries of the State Attorney General’s Office, Edwin Rejón Pacheco, and a former agent of the Public Prosecutor’s Office.