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According to Statista, the Artificial Intelligence market will have a value of almost $60 billion USD by 2026, which represents a great business opportunity…

MEXICO – We all have heard about artificial intelligence and the advantages that we can obtain from it, so the TYT team brings you a list with some of the Mexican enterprises that develop this amazing feature.

  • Metrics

Since 2011, Metrics, a company that was born as a consultant, developed its first solution based on artificial intelligence.

The first step of the Mexican technology was to develop bots or robots that automate content. That is, these robots took content, restructured and manufactured pieces of content, tweets or posts for different social platforms.

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The anticipation of this technology allowed Metrics to anticipate solutions that later large companies, such as Facebook and Microsoft, confirmed.

Nowadays Digital Metrics technology is so sophisticated that it can define the attitude of a discussion. This fact led Metrics to develop a chatbot that has the ability to determine through written language if the user or client is happy, angry or indifferent and address a protocol of care depending on the state of it.

Metrics’ chatbot technology is used, for example, by firms such as Manpower for employee profiling. Today the company has 30 artificial intelligence projects.

  • Yalo

Founded by Javier Mata, Yalo has become one of the few Facebook partners in the region to create chatbots through its platforms, developing bots for companies from all sectors, from airlines to restaurants.

Recently Yalo also extended the attention to clients from chatbots on WhatsApp. Aeromexico became the first Latin American airline to extend its attention to the messaging application that today has more than 1.2 billion users.

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The advantage of having a chatbot, said Mata, is customer service 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

The Aeroméxico chatbot, for example, is capable of making flight quotes, reservations, answering questions and even notifying the user about the assigned gate, among other things.

  • Nushore Delivery Solutions

With more than 7 years in the Mexican market dedicated to the development of technology and capture and export of Mexican talent in cybernetics, Nushore is not exactly a new player.

When working with American firms for more than five years, they began to develop cognitive computing technology about 3 years ago, when it began to become a trend in the United States.

Now they develop their own technologies, such as the riesgocognitivo.com platform, which uses artificial intelligence to estimate the movements of stock exchanges according to various factors.

In addition, they founded the Ibero-American Cognitive Computing Association, to regulate companies that are dedicated to the development and sale of these technologies.

Currently, its main clients in Mexico belong to finance, retail and telecom.

Source: www.yucatanalamano.com