95 German tourists rescued from sinking Cozumel ferry

(Photo: www.unotv.com)

COZUMEL – About 9:30 am Wednesday Nov. 15, a catamaran that transported 95 German tourists to the Passion Island began to sink near the northern part of Cozumel Island.

Immediately after noticing this trouble the captain made an emergency call to get all the people in the boat rescued, but by that time the boat’s stern was already under water.

(Photo: www.unotv.com)

Another boat that was located near the incident aided the tourists who were on board to get them out of there just in time. Staff from nearby hotels also joined the operation.

Units of the Red Cross arrived at the Aldora Port in Cozumel to take care of the affected passengers. Then transport operations to recover the boat were carried out by elements of Fire and Civil Protection organizations.

(Photo: www.unotv.com)

Fortunately, no injuries were reported, and all the tourists were safely escorted from the catamaran named Mazu. So far, it is unknown why the ship foundered, but it is alleged that the engine shut down causing the incident.