Yucatecan secondary students among the best prepared in Mexico

(Photo: Yucatán a la Mano)

The state government seeks to maintain economic growth through quality education….

MERIDA – The students were ranked among the best qualified in the areas of Language and Communication as well as Mathematics according to the most recent results of the test of the National Plan for the Assessment of Learning (Planea).

The State Governor Rolando Zapata Bello, along with Secretary of Education Víctor Caballero Durán and Deputy Director General of the National Institute for the Evaluation of Education (INEE) in Yucatán, Alfonso Paz Rodríguez, disclosed these findings during the Regular Meeting of the Council for Planning and Coordination of Higher Secondary Education.

Planea allows measuring the basic knowledge through four levels of domain derived from the score reached by the individuals evaluated; these are Insufficient, Sufficient, Satisfactory and Outstanding.

This is the first time that INEE is in charge of the application of this instrument and in this edition one of the objectives was to evaluate more content at higher levels of demand compared to previous years.

According to what is known, Yucatan has the highest level of education in the Southeast of the Republic, especially in the categories of Language and Communication, and Mathematics.

(Photo: Yucatán a la Mano)

Likewise, the students of the state are in high positions, placing among the top ten, along with those from Jalisco, Aguascalientes and Queretaro, entities known for their high industrial development index.

In language and communication, the Yucatecans averaged 519 to reach a place among the six states with the highest score. In total, 43.6% is Satisfactory or Outstanding in this area, which places them in the ninth national place.

In Mathematics, the average reached 512 points to place Yucatan in Mexico’s top 10 results. Those who obtained Satisfactory or Outstanding add up to 14.1% of the upper-middle school students, the seventh best in the country.

Paz Rodríguez said that this evaluation is a good instrument to measure the growth of the educational landscape in Yucatan and allows saying that, according to statistics, the entity shows an upward trend.

In this way, the entity offers quality education that equals and even surpasses the best educational systems in the country. It has also shown outstanding progress since in 2015, the year of the first application of Planea, 17 and 18 places were occupied at the national level in Language and Communication as well as Mathematics, to advance eleven and eight positions, respectively.

Zapata Bello stressed the importance of these results since the formation of human capital is a fundamental piece to maintain the dynamics that the Yucatecan economy has shown since 2014 and which translates into greater well-being.

He added that Planea is a benchmark for companies that seek to expand and therefore, contributes to Yucatan’s position as one of the best states to do so.

The results of Planea, implemented in April this year, reflect the link between support for education, human capital formation, economic growth and security enjoyed by the state.

Source: yucatanalamano.com