Yucatan is a fashionable destination for “romance” tourism

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Many couples chose to travel to Yucatan to do their wedding proposals, ceremonies, parties and honeymoons….

MERIDA — The head of the Destination Wedding Specialists Agency, Verónica Cervera Albertos, explained that thanks to the tourist inns, beaches, cenotes and gastronomy that are found in the state of Yucatan, this has become a hub to perform romantic activities.

She assured that the promotion done by the Ministry of Tourism and the state government has positioned Yucatan as a fashionable romantic destination.

“Yucatan has turned into a fashionable destination due to its magical environment, heavenly, full of gastronomy and with supply providers of a very high competitive level,” he said.

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She added that it is called a “romantic destination” in reference to all those events in which a romantic experience is involved, such as proposals of marriage, honeymoons or wedding ceremonies and parties.

As part of the presentation of the directory of Yucatecan suppliers for “wedding planners”, the interviewee explained that with this tool there will be an increase in demand for Yucatan as a destination of romance.

And according to the Inegi, in Mexico about 58 thousand weddings are celebrated annually, of which 10% are conducted in tourist destinations.

In this sense, she mentioned that gay marriages are identified as an area of ​​opportunity for this sector.

Cervera Albertos explained that although there are symbolic equal marriages that are celebrated in the state, this sector still remains with low possibilities of increase due to legal issues.

“We still do not have much boom with the egalitarian weddings, but if they are presented as symbolic wedding such as Mayan weddings it is without problem,” she said.

The interviewee stressed that in Yucatan there are currently held between 4 and 6 egalitarian weddings, for people who chose the state as a tourist destination for their event.

In that sense, he said that if egalitarian marriage is approved, the sales of Yucatan as a tourist destination for this sector will increase considerably.

“There are many people who are waiting for this to happen, who are waiting for the legality of equal marriage to come to marry in Yucatan,” he said.

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However, he stressed that people who have conducted an egalitarian marriage in Yucatan have done so symbolically, or by some type of Mayan ritual.

Source: www.yucatanalamano.com