X'matkuil Fair Entrance (Photo: Google)

Day of the Dead, the X’matkuil Fair and the “Buen Fin” will be among assets contributing to projected 7 billion pesos ($372 million USD) in economic activity…

MERIDA — November is one of the months with the most economic activity in Yucatan. Each year sees the arrival of many national and international visitors who come to participate in the festivities of “Día de Muertos” and the X’matkuil Fair; with those events it is expected that “El Buen Fin” (Mexico’s Black Friday) will leave an economic impact close to seven billion pesos.

In addition due to the infrastructure investments and the incorporation of a new water park, the Yucatan Trade Fair Institute estimates that the 2017 edition of the X’matkuil Fair, held from November 10th to December 3rd, will leave an economic spill of $520 million pesos ($28 million USD).

X’matkuil Fair Entrance (Photo: Google)

The head of the Yucatan Trade Fair Institute, Juan José Abraham Achach, said that in 2016 the X’matkuil fair had an influx of more than two million visitors, and they foresee maintaining or even improving them this year. He even said that entry costs will continue at $20 pesos and parking at $35 pesos.

Abraham Achach added that the budget for the 2017 edition of the Yucatan Fair is 50 million pesos and that all the exhibition places are already occupied despite the events in Oaxaca and Chiapas, from where many participants usually arrive.

People at Xmatkuil Fair (Photo: Google)

“Sure we had many cancellations due to the troubles in those states, but as soon as it happened other people asked for the places. Also there are many new things that the fair will have, the most important is the water park that will have the slides and water games, and the ecological park, and we also have a very broad artistic program,” concluded Achach.

Source: sipse.com/milenio