Visit the ‘Umbrella Roof’ connecting Merida’s cathedral and MACAY museum

(Photo: SIPSE, Milenio Novedades)

It is an example of a global artistic initiative that promotes tourism and public spaces…

MERIDA — In order to promote tourism in the Historic Center, the Merida Council, through the Directorate of Tourism and Economic Promotion, installed in the Passage of the Revolution “The Umbrella Roof,” an urban art initiative that temporarily seeks to create an attractive space for the passersby and to serve as a magnet for local, national and foreign visitors.

Umbrella Roof in Passge Revolution, Merida (Photo: SIPSE, Milenio Novedades)

Mayor Mauricio Vila Dosal reported that it is a decoration made with 850 colored umbrellas which, through special grills — which do not touch any structure of the neighboring buildings — hold these objects in the manner of similar projects to attract tourism that have been made in other world capitals. In Portugal, this proposal was born and known by its English name, Umbrella Sky Project.

Umbrella Roof in Passge Revolution, Merida (Photo: Google)

The initiative, which also serves to promote public spaces and historical sites of cities, has also been replicated in metropolises such as Liverpool in United Kingdom; Barcelona and Madrid in Spain; Tokyo, Japan; and in countries such as South Korea, Turkey and the United Arab Emirates, among others.

Umbrella Sky Project Lisboa, Portugal

In Mexico, similar projects have also been developed, such as in Mexico City, under the name of “Umbrella Hallway”, in Chihuahua under the name “City of Umbrellas” and in Aguascalientes with the name “The Umbrellas Street”.

Carolina Cárdenas Sosa, director of Tourism and Economic Promotion reported that the 850 umbrellas are attached to 12 grills which use a simple lifting mechanism to raise and lower them when necessary. The exhibition investment was just over $200,000 pesos.

Meanwhile, the Department of Municipal Public Services carried out several cleaning and painting works in the Revolution Passage that give it a completely renewed look.