Playa del Carmen mural. PHOTO: La Pancarta de Quintana Roo

PLAYA DEL CARMEN — The Government of Solidarity municipality, headed by the Municipal President, Cristina Torres Gómez, through the Institute of Youth, carried out the second activity of the program “Solidarity … Urban Culture”, in which 35 urban art muralists participated with the aim of offering more spaces for the artistic expression of young people.

Coordinator of “Solidarity … Urban Culture” of the Sports Solidarity Institute, Williams Vázquez Sánchez, pointed out that in conjunction with the Playense Cultural Collective “Pinta o Muere”,  two fences located on Avenida 10, between Calle 110 and Pintores, which connect the Colosio and Nicte-Ha colonies, have been painted with murals.

Playa del Carmen mural. PHOTO: La Pancarta de Quintana Roo

“It is almost a kilometer of fence in which murals were painted with two themes: in one of them designs related to indigenous culture, inherited roots, customs and traditions, as well as influence on young people; and on the other wall, the theme that was chosen was beach, ocean, nature, the wealth of the city,” he said.

He said that on this occasion artists from the State of Chiapas, Mexico City, Guadalajara and Playa del Carmen participated in the call to the Festival of Urban Art “Textures”, which was issued via social networks by the urban artist and director of the Cultural Collective” Paint or Die”, Ricardo Víctor González.

“In the activity children, youth and adults were invited to enjoy the artistic proposal that becomes part of the heritage of the city, in addition to offering workshops, in case they are anxious to draw,” he said.

It is estimated that these murals last between three and five years, and are added to those made by 30 local and national artists in the avenue Misión del Carmen.

Source: Solidarity City Council via