Two Argentine tourists die after gas explosion in rented PDC apartment

CANCUN — Vanesa Díaz, 31, and Nadia Urbizaglia, 29, from the town of Batán, 13 kilometers from the city of Mar del Plata, were spending their vacations in Playa del Carmen from October 16 and died during the weekend in a private hospital in Cancun, where they were transferred with burns in 80 percent of their bodies.

The two Argentine women tragically lost their lives after an explosion in the apartment they rented in Playa del Carmen.

Nadia Urbizaglia and Vanesa Díaz, were on vacation in the coastal city when the tragic incident took place. At the moment, the authorities say that a leak of gas caused the explosion.


The tourists were transferred to a local hospital in Playa del Carmen and then to a private clinic in Cancun, TN says. Both had severe burns on a large portions of their bodies and, unfortunately, lost their lives hours later.

One possible explanation is an accumulation of gas due to a leak, that generated the explosion as they were probably about to cook breakfast.

Vanesa Díaz, de 31 años, y Nadia Urbizaglia, de 29

The families of Nadia and Vanesa are dealing with diplomatic authorities to recover the bodies of the young women.

Sources: and other local media