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Albatros Sail Ways website provides the top 10 tips for your Isla Mujeres Trip….

  1. Keep an open mind

You’re in a magical place. Isla Mujeres has a lot to offer to anyone who visits. But you have to come ready for a full of adventure. First of all, there will be lots of sunshine. Everywhere you look, will be beautiful vistas of the Caribbean Sea. Have we mentioned the delicious local food?

Have an open mind. Do some exploring. Go out of your comfort zone and try something new.

  1. Pick your method of transportation

There are no land bridges to Isla Mujeres. If you want to go, you’ll have to take a boat. Lucky for you these boats have established schedules they follow. You can depart from Puerto Juarez or from the Hotel Zone in Cancun.

Make sure to get there early. If you don’t purchase your ticket beforehand, there may be a line. Try getting a roundtrip ticket. This will save you time on the way back. Try to make the line before the boat parks. There are no assigned seats. So if you want your choice, you’re going to have to be first.

  1. Pack lightly

Bring only the basics. Think about the different scenarios you’ll encounter. The beach. Walking downtown. Visiting the Mayan ruins. Make sure you have what you need for each encounter.

Be sure to bring your camera or bring an external battery for your smartphone. Believe me. You’ll be taking lots of pictures. If you have a selfie-stick, even better.

Let’s not forget the basics: sunglasses, sunblock, comfortable footwear, bathing suit, and a change of clothes.

  1. Cash is king

Don’t expect to see a credit/debit card reader at every shop. In fact, expect a cash only policy everywhere, just to be safe. If you have US dollars and haven’t converted yet, don’t fret. Dollars are excepted everywhere. Sometimes, even preferred.

But, you have to be aware of what is a fair exchange rate. Chances are, you’ll get a much better exchange rate doing it this way than you would have exchanging your cash at the airport. You just need to be mindful during each transaction.

  1. Getting around in Isla Mujeres

Being a pedestrian in Isla Mujeres is simple. When you get there, at the main pier, you’re already downtown. Exit the pier, and make a left (North). In about 5 minutes walking time, you’ll reach the gorgeous beach known as Playa Norte. Here’s the best part.

On your way from the pier to the beach, you’ll bump into a string of great restaurants right on the beach. They have the freshest seafood you’ll find. There’s also a lot of handmade artisans and jewelry sold downtown.

But that’s not all either.

Head south to reach Punta Sam. You’ll need a golf cart or taxi to get there. At Punta Sam, you’ll find a waterpark, Mayan ruins, picturesque hotels, and seawater so turquoise you won’t believe it.

Photo: albatrossailaway.com

  1. Playa Norte

This beach alone is worth the trip. The Caribbean Sea doesn’t get any clearer or more turquoise. It is a public beach that spans a couple miles in Isla Mujeres. It’s simple. Get there. Lay back. Enjoy a cold cocktail. They even offer massages, right there on the beach.

Does life get any sweeter than this?

  1. Temple of Mayan Goddess, Ixchel

Ixchel was the Mayan Goddess of fertility, moon, and love. At the southern point of the Island, you can find her temple. Once you’re there you can also enjoy the other artistic sculptures. And here’s a fun fact that could come in handy. Here is where the sun first shines in the morning.

  1. Turtle Ranch

Very close to the Ixchel’s temple, is the “Tortugranja” or sea turtle ranch. This is a sea-turtle sanctuary that tries to nurture sea-turtles, and return them to the sea when healthy. Take a visit here and you can see sea turtles of all sizes and ages.

Photo: albatrossailaway.com

  1. Mundaca Ranch

This ranch was built by a pirate named Fermin Mundaca in 1860. He built it for his lover, who never showed.

Mundaca Ranch is just a short walk from Punta Sur. The original structure remains intact. Come here to get a feel for the life of a real pirate. Learn more about his, “La Triguena”, lover that never arrived.

  1. Exotic Local Cuisine

If you want a memorable trip to Isla Mujeres, you have to try the local food. It’s a must. Here’s a surefire dish everyone loves: Tixin Xic (pronounce Tee-ken sheek). Don’t let the name fool you. It is absolutely mouthwatering.

First, they get a grouper or red snapper, fresh off the boat. You can literally see them walk the fish off the boat. Then they fillet the fish in half. Add some onions and other Mexican spices. Then throw it on top of a grill, and 10 minutes later you have Tixin Xic.

So now you have 10 tips for your Isla Mujeres trip. Time to get organized. This will maximize your time there. Bring your best friends. Bring your special someone. Bring your family. Are you the daring type? Come solo. However, you decide, just make sure you get here. You won’t regret it.

Source: https://www.albatrossailaway.com/