Three more evicted landowners recover their properties in Tulum

State police supervised this week's restoration of properties to landowners. (PHOTO:

Add another chapter to the long-running saga of Tulum landowners who were evicted from their properties during the administration of ex-Quintana Roo Gov. Roberto Borge…

TULUM, Q. Roo — Three years after being forceably evicted from their property, three more Tulum owners have had their rightful property returned to them.

After a questionable labor judgment in 2014, three of the Tulum property owners that were forceably evicted from their land have seen that land returned. The return for all three owners occurred Monday Oct. 9 — with state police on hand — as owners of the Cabañas Ixchel, Playa Azul and Puerta del Cielo hotels in the region of Punta Piedra (Tulum) were given their property.

State police supervised this week’s restoration of properties to landowners. (PHOTO:

It was in May 2014 that nearly 100 tourists were also evicted from these hotels along with their owners and employees as part of an eviction ordered by the Local Board of Conciliation and Arbitration of Playa del Carmen, which was then chaired by Jorge Jaime Cruz Hernandez.

The land was seized without notice by former workers under the Borge administration. With the change of government late last year, the new Secretary of Labor and Social Welfare, Catalina Portillo Navarro, revealed that allegations of ownership that resulted in the seizure of the land turned out to be apocryphal, with beneficiaries who were not even real people.

It was then that she filed a criminal complaint against those involved.

The owner of Dos Ceibas recovered that hotel in April of last year, as result of denouncing the allegations of illegal ownership against them. However, the most recent three to have their property returned had to spend a year in litigation which proved fruitful September 23 of this year.

The properties were returned under order of the Second District Court to Joel Tovar Arcos, Pedro Hernández Ramírez and José María Pino Suárez.

Two of the hotels have since been renamed: The Hotel Viento del Mar (previously Playa Azul) and Hotel Rosa del Viento (formerly Ixchel).