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The four most haunted places in Yucatan

by Yucatan Times
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As Day of the Dead and Halloween approach, keep in mind that the White City and Yucatan have abandoned places that shelter legends of ghosts and supernatural experiences told by those brave enough to enter…

MERIDA – As every city in the world, Merida has its haunted places, where people who were brave enough to enter tell to others the tales of ghosts and weird sounds — from a simple screeching door to painful screams in a lonely, dark, and closed room. Some of these places aren’t open to the public but could be seen from outside or visited in the surrounding open areas.

Misnebalam Ghost town (PHOTO: Google)

The first one is located on the Merida-Progreso highway, the ghost town of Misnebalam, an abandoned old town that belongs to the Progreso Municipality. It is said that people have fled the constant apparitions registered there; the most well-known story is that of the “Juliancito” ghost, a local boy who killed himself after being a victim of rape. Several people assured they have seen him around the town at night.

Misnebalam Ghost town (PHOTO: Google)

The second place on the list is the haunted Hacienda de Cholul, which is totally abandoned and is located 3.4 kilometers above the highway that leads to Motul. They say that a couple of hacienda workers who were getting married were victims of the tragedy, when the woman was raped by a foreman and her fiancé took revenge by taking the life of the aggressor. However he did not bear the guilt and committed suicide; his parents who were witches cursed the hacienda and all its settlers.

Hacienda Cholul, (PHOTO: Google)

The third place is Chicxulub Pueblo, whose name in Maya means “flea of ​​the Devil”, where there is an old legend similar to “La Llorona”. In Ancient times this place was inhabited by natives and Spanish men, nobody knows when but in some time and till now its settlers assure that in the night painful shouts of a woman are heard in different town areas.

Chicxulub Pueblo (PHOTO: Google)

Finally the most modern horror story take place in the old building of the Clinica Peninsular, located in the Cortéz Sarmiento colony, which is, according to several people, the most haunted place in Merida. Legend has it that when the hospital was in service, several years ago, at least 500 clandestine abortions were practiced inside its doors and after being closed several rituals were allegedly practiced using the negative energy of the deaths in there. As a result in the place are heard scremas of women and cries of babies, and several people assure they have seen shadows and feel a very heavy and negative environment inside. The hospital building is currently closed by the police to avoid people getting in, because the bad state of the structure.

Clinica Peninsular facade (PHOTO: SIPSE)

These are the most haunted places in the State. Beware and take your own precautions if planning to visit them, and have a good Halloween and Dia de Muertos, from the TYT Team.

By Jorge Andrés Barrera Rojas for TYT

With an International Trade degree from the Autonomous University of Yucatan, Jorge is currently an Editor for The Yucatan Times, Business Adviser and Chinese language and culture student. He also speaks Spanish, English and French.


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