Suspect in Jerry Barceló murder arrested in Cancun

Jerry Barceló (Photo: Informat-Yucatán)

The crime’s alleged motive was embezzlement in the company Alarmas 911….

MERIDA — Efrain N, the alleged material author of the Sept. 1 murder of Yucatecan businessman Jerry Raymundo Barceló Cazola in Villahermosa, Tabasco, was arrested in Cancun, Quintana Roo on Friday October 27.

The arrest was a collaborative work between the Attorney General’s Offices of Tabasco and Quintana Roo. On Saturday October 28 the suspect was transferred to the Criminal Court of Villahermosa to be placed at the disposal of the court of control for the crime of qualified homicide.

The Attorney General of Tabasco reported that the homicide of Jerry Raymundo Barceló Cazola, a Yucatecan businessman and son of Merida entrepreneur Tere Cazola, was planned by the suspects, after the victim discovered that a close collaborator was extracting money from their businesses.

Jerry Barceló (Photo: Informat-Yucatán)

Fernando Valenzuela Pernas, the attorney general of Tabasco, reported a few days ago the arrests of Nury “N”, alleged intellectual author, and Agustín “N”, who was allegedly driving the truck that followed the Barceló vehicle on the day of the execution and contributed in the murder.

He stressed that the alleged murderer and one of the accomplices are fully identified, and that in the next few days posters will be made with his photo, offering a reward to anyone who offers information about that leads to his capture.

Supported by slides, the prosecutor explained that the motive of the crime was the alleged diversion of resources and embezzlement of the company Alarmas 911, through the now detained Nury “N”, who was the administrator and close collaborator of the Yucatecan entrepreneur.