Survey ranks the most insecure cities in Mexico based on residents’ perceptions

Merida is perceived as the securest major city in Mexico, while nine out of 10 people in Mexico City reported feeling insecure living in the north and east zones…. 

The National Survey of Public Urban Security (ENSU) recorded that during the month of September, the cities with the highest perception of insecurity were: Villahermosa, Tabasco; Coatzacoalcos, Veracruz; the northern and eastern regions of Mexico City; Reynosa, Tamaulipas; and Ecatepec de Morelos in the State of Mexico.


In the case of Mexico City, nine out of 10 people surveyed indicated that they feel insecure living in the north and east regions of the metropolis.

“This percentage does not represent a significant change compared to June 2017, but it is statistically higher than the one registered in September 2016,” the survey analysts said.

The perception of insecurity continued to be higher in the case of women with 80%, while men stood at 71%.

Street closed for criminal investigation (Photo: Google)

On the other hand, the cities whose perception of insecurity was lowest were: Mérida, Yucatan; Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco; Piedras Negras and Saltillo, Coahuila; Durango, Durango and San Francisco de Campeche, with 27.4%, 28.9%, 34.3%, 42.2%, 44.2% and 44.4%, respectively.

The survey also ranked the places where people feel more exposed to be victim of any crime; 81.8% of the interviewees said that they felt insecure at ATMs, 74.6% said that in public transport, 68% said that they feel insecure all the time in the streets on which they usually walk, and 67.7% indicated that they felt unsafe while being in a bank.

Percentage of people that consider unsafe living in their city:

  1. Villahermosa, Tabasco 98.4%.
  2. Coatzacoalcos, Veracruz 97%.
  3. North Region CDMX 94.8%.
  4. Reynosa, Tamaulipas 93.6%.
  5. Ecatepec, Edomex 93.5%.
  6. East Region CDMX 93%.