Peón Contreras Theater will host “Battlefield,” a play in English

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The event is part of the activities of Merida American Capital of Culture (CAC)….

MERIDA — If anyone wonders how far Peter Brook has come, a reference in the theatrical world, he would have to see “Battlefield”, because it is not only his last work but this is a revision to his iconic theatrical production, the Mahabharata, that today is addressed in drama schools and included in textbooks.

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The staging will be presented at Merida’s Peon Contreras Theater  Wednesday October 11 at 9 pm, and on Thursday October 12, in two functions at 4 and 9 p.m. in English with subtitles projected in Spanish.

Christian Rivero Ramírez, CAC’s head of cultural affairs and programming, explains that “Battlefield” is a play by Peter Brook and Marie-Hélène Estienne, released two years ago, and is produced by the Bouffes du Nord company in Paris, France.

The staging is a review of the top work of Brook, Mahabharata by Jean Calude Carrière, a play so great that it was presented over three days, and on one occasion together in a single day.

Members of the cast in one act of the play (Photo: Google)

Peter Brook is one of the most celebrated directors of the twentieth and twenty-first century. “Battlefield” is a short 70-minute version of Mahabharata, where the director delves into the aspects that most interest him, further exploring the philosophical part of the texts.

Erica Millet Corona, Executive Secretary of the CAC, emphasizes that after the function of Thursday Oct. 12 at 4 pm, the members of the company will have a dialogue with the attendees, which will allow the audience to ask questions about the work.

There are still tickets available, which can be obtained on the website of Merida, American Capital of Culture.