New U.S. Consular Section Chief for Merida

Governor Rolando Zapata representative Eric Rubio Barthell with the new Consular Section Attached Chief Mila Millman (Photo: La Revista Peninsular)

In a formal meeting with state authorities, U.S. Consul General David Micó presented the new diplomat who will head the consular services section in Merida for a period of three years….

MERIDA — Highlighting the close collaboration and friendship with the U.S. Consulate General, the Yucatan General Coordinator of Advisors, Eric Rubio Barthell, welcomed Mila Millman as the new head of the Consular Section of the United States of America in Merida.

At the reception, officials of the current administration explained the projects that are being developed in coordination with state governments and U.S. institutions.

Governor Rolando Zapata’s representative, Eric Rubio Barthell, with the new Consular Section Chief Mila Millman. (Photo: La Revista Peninsular)

On behalf of Governor Rolando Zapata Bello, Rubio Barthell asserted that the collaboration with the American Consulate has resulted in joint work on issues of importance for the benefit of society.

He explained that with the support of the United States, actions have been taken to preserve security and the environment, to serve the Yucatecan population living in the neighboring country, to attract investment, as well as to raise the quality standards of Yucatan’s agricultural and fishery products for its trade in the American Union.

The diplomat also heard about the cooperation of both nations for the development of research and innovation projects, in the context of the industrialization that is taking place in the state above the national average, and regarding the development of the Special Economic Zone with emphasis on the installation of companies of information technologies.

Mila Millman with Yucatan government representatives and the US Consul General David Micó (Photo: La Revista Peninsular)

For her part, Mila Millman said that her presence will improve the service of the Consular Section, which is in charge of the care and protection of U.S. citizens, as well as the issuance of visas for Mexicans based in the peninsula.

She also expressed gratitude for the opportunity to meet with the Yucatecan officials to present the projects on which they are working.