Lower electricity rate applies in Merida from October 11

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The reclassification of the rate for Mérida is due to the fact that the minimum average temperature in that municipality registered in summers during the last 5 years exceeds 31° C….

MERIDA — The Federal Electricity Commission (CFE) will apply the domestic tariff “1D” to its domestic customers’ bills in Merida from October 11 of this year. This measure will provide a lower rate, in summer season, to 217,712 customers and, in the off-summer season, to 145,955 customers in the municipality of Merida, out of a total of 474,427 people.

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The reclassification of the tariff for Merida is due to the fact that the minimum average temperature in the municipality registered in summer period during the last 5 years, consecutively surpasses 31 ° C. This minimum average temperature is higher than previously recorded.

This is based on the analysis of the monthly average minimum temperature records of the “Air Force No. 8 Base”, ratified by the Meteorological System of the National Water Commission (SMN-CONAGUA) as a representative temperature of Merida.

Users paying services at CFE office (Photo: El Universal)

Customers will begin to receive the application of the “1D” rate of the full period of consumption as of November 11, for customers who invoice on a monthly basis. The customers who bill in a bimonthly manner will see reflected the application of this rate from their bills in December and January, depending on the month they receive their electric bills

For any doubt about the application of this rate, CFE has placed 17 customer service centers in Merida, as well as the free telephone line 071 and the Twitter account @CFE_Peninsular.

Source: yucatan.com.mx/merida