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Lovers of Mexican crafts invited to shop online

by Yucatan Times
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The people of ancient Mexico were characterized by deeply spiritual beliefs that prompted them to develop complex and advanced cultures without forged tools, horses or wheeled vehicles.

The Maya, Olmec, Toltec, Mixtecan, Mexica (Aztec), Purepecha and Huasteca cultures left valuable legacies of great ornamental value in apparently daily objects made by hand over generations, decorated with vibrant, colorful elements that represent their worldviews.

Own unique pieces of ancient wisdom, mystical beliefs and pre-Hispanic cultural heritage to celebrate and honor the past. The mysticism brings light and blessings to homes and businesses. Huichol handicrafts, for example, are offerings to the gods communicating divine messages. These pieces evoke messages of prosperity, fertility and protection against evil or spiritual enlightenment.


Natural elements such as wood, clay and fibers, including palm leaf, cotton and wool, are dyed with color pigments extracted from plants and insects in our unique pieces. All creations are uniquely made by hand by local artisans, who don´t use molds nor patterns, relying on their creativity and heritage. With the purchase of their products, we help them to keep their cultural heritage alive.

Beautiful and vibrant, these colorful decorated, intricate designs of fine carvings and impeccable fabrics gleam with meanings, and cultural significance and add a tone of colorful elegance and joy to any space.


We are a group of lovers of Mexican popular culture. We want to keep alive our traditions and make them accessible to everyone through the sale of beautiful, high quality handicrafts, decorating homes all over the world with reminiscences of the ancient wisdom of our indigenous, and at the same time helping improve the incomes of local craftsmen.

Visit us at www.mexicothecore.com to know more about it, and/or contact Irene Fuentes at 552 669 5821 in Mexico or [email protected]

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Source: Mexico – The Core

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