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What you should know about vehicle Temporary Import Permits

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For those Ex-pats or foreign tourists with a Temporary Import Permit (TIP) for their vehicle, there is a quick and convenient way to check the current status of your permit, along with some other useful information. If you are thinking about bringing your foreign-plated into México, you can read about it more at Bringing A Car Into México. For the rest of you, go to the following Aduanas (Customs) Web site and you will need two pieces of information. I have used my TIP as an example below.



The first field asks for the permit number or serial number (VIN) of your vehicle. The second field asks for the document which they used to process your TIP. In my case, it was my VIN number and my U.S. passport number. My guess is that it will likely be the same for you as well. However, for my own personal knowledge, I would love to hear from you if you ended up using two different pieces of information. Once you have entered in the requested information, you are asked to enter the security code you see on the screen and hit enter. If you inputted the correct information, you will see the next screen.

México - Online TIP Status


if you entered the correct information, you should then see a screen with any matching results. In theory, you should only see one matching result. If you see multiple results, I would recommend going to your nearest Aduanas office to address any potential issues. For me, it only returned one row and the result contained my VIN number (Serial Number column), the TIP number (Permission column) and status code (Status column). Click on any of the hyperlinks in the row and it will take you to the next screen.

México - Online TIP Status


On this screen, you will be able to verify the following information:

– Location Expedition: This is the where the TIP was originally issued. Mine was issued in Nuevo Laredo, Tamaulipas.

– Module Name: This is the name of the CIITEV office where the permit was originally issued. There are four bridges in the City of Laredo Bridge System and we crossed at bridge number two, which is at the end of I-35.

– Permission Number: This is your TIP number and can be found on your original paperwork and on your windshield decal.

– Serial Number: This is your vehicle’s VIN number.

– Vehicle Brand: This is your vehicle manufacturer. Ours is a Toyota SUV.

– Model: This is your vehicle’s manufacture date. Ours is a 2005 Sequoia.

– Document Number: This is the migratory document you used when your TIP was first issued. Mine was my U.S. passport number.

– Status: This is the current status of your TIP. We just renewed our Residente Temporal visas for three more years back in June and also extended our TIP. As such, our TIP is categorized as an extension.

– Date Added: This is the date the TIP was originally issued. We got our TIP when we crossed the border on June 14, 2016.

– Expiration Date: This is when your TIP expires. Ours expires on June 13, 2020 to correspond with when our Residente Temporal visas expire.

– Date Maximum Return: Frankly, I’m not entirely sure if this could be a different date than the Expiration Date. Ours is the same. However, I would be interested to hear from anyone whose date is different than that of their Expiration Date and any potential insight as to why.

– Date Return: This is the date that you turned your TIP back in at the border or a Mexican consulate that issues TIPs. Our date is blank since we haven’t turned in our TIP yet and plan on doing so prior to going Residente Permanente in 2020.

México - Online TIP Status

One thing to keep in mind. If you just received your TIP or just extended it, give it a couple of weeks to register in the system. In some cases, it might even stretch to a few months. We recently hired an attorney to handle not only our visa renewal but also our TIP extension. Aduanas was notified in late June in regards to request the TIP extension and it wasn’t until the last week of September did I notice online the updated expiration date.

I had checked online a few times in between and the only thing I saw was a status of extension but no updated expiration date. So, just be patient if you don’t see the correct/updated information online immediately. In addition to your original TIP paperwork and any extension documentation, it might not be a bad idea to have a copy of a screenshot from this Web site in your vehicle. I’m a firm believer in more documentation is never a bad thing!


Source: https://nomad-ish.com/vehicle-temporary-import-permit-tip-status/

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