CFE says it will lower Merida-area electricity rates

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With this measure the Federal agency intends to reduce the price of electricity for consumers…

MERIDA – A preliminary statement by the Peninsular Division of the Federal Electricity Commission (CFE) confirmed the reclassification of the electricity tariff in Merida and surrounding towns. With this change the municipality will move from category IC to ID, which is cheaper. This would mean savings of up to one thousand pesos among users consuming 1,100 watts on average in the two-month period.

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Senator Daniel Avila Ruiz, the promoter of this petition to the federal organization, said that the measure will benefit customers.

“The reduction was achieved thanks to the temperature measurements reports made and delivered by the Army and the Conagua to the Government and the CFE, which show that during the summer months on the last three years, the average temperature of Merida exceeded 31 degrees, so it was possible to change the tariff,” he said.

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