Campeche refurbishes ‘Pirate’s Alley’

Pirate's Alley (Photo: La Revista Penínsular)

The Callejón del Pirata (Pirate’s Alley) is part of the downtown tourist circuit…

CAMPECHE – The improvement of Callejón del Pirata, located between Calle 10 and Justo Sierra Méndez Avenue in the San Román Neighborhood, is already concluded, said the President of the Patronage of the City of Campeche, Joaquín Santiago Sánchez Gómez.

“With an investment of approximately $210,000.00 pesos, the work was done to improve this alley, which is part of the historic center and traditional trams neighborhood’s tour,” said Sánchez Gómez.

Pirate’s Alley (Photo: La Revista Penínsular)

Sánchez Gómez said that with its own resources, obtained from the operation of the trams, the Organization carries out actions that contribute to the improvement of the image of the Historic Center and its surroundings, to strengthen tourism in the city of Campeche He made an invitation to more civil organizations to join forces to rescue and preserve the city’s heritage.

This project includes improvements in floor, blacksmithing, lighting by photocell, as well as a suspended slab to generate drainage channel in the lower part and avoid the accumulation of water and garbage.

Pirate’s Alley (Photo: La Revista Penínsular)

The President of the Patronage thanked the support of the INAH Campeche Center, the City Hall of Campeche through its Municipal Public Services Unit, as well as the inhabitants of the area, to carry out this important action.