PETO.— Menudo susto se llevaron trabajadores del departamento de obras públicas quienes hoy por la mañana vieron cómo se desfondaba el suelo cerca de ellos, cuando se daban a la tarea de retirar la tapa de una rejilla y término desfondándose una cueva. Esto sucedió en la calle 31 esquina con 32 a un costado del parque principal.

Despite Yucatan’s not being a seismic zone, the soil’s sinking is a risk due to the huge number of caves and cenotes….

PETO, Yucatan – The event happened around 11am, when workers arrived at 31st Street with 32nd to change a grid that was in poor condition.

As the workers tried to break it, the grid fell inside the hole, and the concrete floor collapsed before the incredulous look of the workers, who quickly retreated.

The site was quickly cordoned off, and the grids were found to be connected to a cave, so all the water goes to that hole, which is more than four meters in diameter, according to the workers.

Several curious people approached the cave after seeing that the place had been cordoned off. Initially they did not know what had happened.

The director of Public Works, Emanuel Espinosa Brito, reported that the cave apparently is not very deep, but absorbs all the water that gathers in the Center every time it rains, which normally does not pretend to fill it because that would lead to flooding.

He pointed out that they were only going to change the cover of a trunk because it is already old, however, they took with surprise that there was a cave below.

“Fortunately no accident happened yet, the workers will finish breaking the floor to see how far the diameter of the cave is and then cover it again, but with wires that can support the floor so there is no risk of this happening again,” he added.

(Photo: Diario de Yucatán)

Regarding the cave that was smashed in days past in the colony Felipe Carrillo Puerto, when a trailer was traveling along that route, he informed that it will be filled and then covered, although he indicated that they still do not know how deep it is.

Some residents of the Center said that it is important that work on the corner of the park is made soon because it is in front of the pedestrian crossing of 31st street and is the direct path of hundreds of students every day.