Yucatan will not experience resources shortages due to earthquakes: official

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MERIDA — The president of the Merida Chamber of Commerce, Juan José Abraham Daguer, ruled out a possible shortage of food products, supplies, raw materials and fuel in Yucatán as a result of the earthquake that affected several states in the center of the country.

“I do not see any risk of collapse,” said the leader of the traders. “According to the information I received, the electrical infrastructure and factories were not significantly damaged.”

Juan Jose Abraham Daguer President of Merida Chamber of Commerce (Photo: Diario de Yucatan)

The largest suppliers of Yucatan are based in the center of the country, from which comes all the merchandise that supplies the main supermarkets in Merida, he said. From there also come the raw materials for the processing industry. Another important cargo that comes from Asia leaves the ports of the Pacific with destination in Yucatán.

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“Maybe there is a break in some brands because many of the fleets that come to Yucatan are based in Mexico City or Monterrey, but I do not think there is a generalized lack of funding,” he said.

Source: http://yucatan.com.mx/merida/descartan-haya-desabasto-al-estado