Tourists injured in tour-boat crash off coast near Tulum

PHOTO: Noticaribe
TULUM, Q. Roo — Two tour boats crashed around 12:30 pm Saturday Sept. 2 off the coast near Punta Allen resulting in injuries to several passengers.

Preliminarily it was reported that one of the injured may have traumatic brain injury, and two others were reported in “delicate” condition.

According to preliminary information, the victims are Italian tourists. Apparently the accident occurred because the boats belonging to the cooperative ‘Gaitanes’ were proceeding in file and one of them stopped, causing the boat behind that was unable to stop to crash into the one in front.

PHOTO: Noticaribe

The cooperative that owns the boats said that they have activated medical insurance and will be held responsible for the accident.

It is worth mentioning that because of the distance from Punta Allen and its unmaintained road, the injured entered the hospital several hours after the accident occurred.

Residents from Punta Allen approached the injured in a village called Campechén, where they were assisted by emergency vehicles; this was in order to save time.