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TIZIMIN, Yucatan — Thursday afternoon September 14, personnel of the Department of Inspection headed by David Patrón Bianchi, Fiscal Inspector of the City council, temporarily closed four Yza pharmacies, located in Tizimin, due to lack of operation license and other permissions.

The operation began around four in the afternoon, accompanied by a unit of the Municipal Police. The first closed pharmacy was at the corner of 48 X 47 streets of the Municipal Market, another located in the colony Ocho Calles at 48 x 38 streets, the third one in the corner of the park “Benito Juárez” 54 x 48 streets , and the one located at 51 x 52 streets of the city center.

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The person in charge of these closures mentioned that these Yza branches are the only establishments that have resisted to formalize their legal documentation, despite having been notified in multiple occasions, so that the closure and the placement of notices were done, which may be withdrawn after presenting all their papers and making the corresponding payments.

Also that same day many Tizimín inhabitants complained about the more than one thousand lands abandoned by their owners that represent a serious problem in several popular colonies of this city, even in the center.

In popular colonies, landowners have stopped cleaning the land, so the undergrowth has invaded much of the street, obstructs the passage of pedestrians and exposes people to having to walk in the asphalt.

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In the 63 x 36 streets intersection, Santo Domingo colony, the neighbors said that there are several lands whose owners passed away and others simply do not clean them, like the one located at 65 x 30 streets.  In this space, the plants grow with no control and occupy much of the sidewalk, and the property is also used as a dump.

The neighbors added that the authorities should be more strict with the owners of urban land that do not have them cleaned and for those who leave their garbage on the public road, an exemplary fine will be applied to avoid these bad practices that are seen in all points of the city and more in the periphery.


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