‘Made in Playa del Carmen’ brand seeks to promote artisans

PLAYA DEL CARMEN, Q. Roo — Cristina Torres Gómez, Mayor of Solidaridad, released the brands “Made in Playa del Carmen” and “Made in Puerto Aventuras“, which seek to strengthen the identity of those cities and boost the growth of local producers and artisans through an intense promotion campaign at national and international levels.

“The goal is to set the names of Playa del Carmen and Puerto Aventuras as a worldwide recognized manufacturing brand, available for thousands of tourists who know that our products feature a great quality at a competitive price”, emphasized the official.

Torres Gómez explained: “This is an interesting option to help promote products manufactured in Playa del Carmen, which were made with all the effort and quality of our local producers, generating an identity and brand recognition”.

She continued: “These actions respond to the Municipal Development Plan (PMD) 2016-2018 in the Guiding Axis “Tourism and Economic Development” for the benefit of the local economy. In this regard, we are proving that the cities of the Solidaridad municipality are more than tourist destinations; we are manufacturers, we have livestock production and we produce natural products of excellent quality as well.”

Cristina Torres announced that the first 100 producers, who register in order to get the brand label, will be able to carry out the process totally free of charge and valid for one year.

In that sense, the Director General of Economic Development, Belia Beltrán Aguilera reported that a wide range of products (candles, lubricants, leather, clothing for animals, fabrics and plastic materials, clothes, headgear, fish meat, poultry, traditional Mexican toys, fruits, vegetables, beer and fruit based non-alcoholic beverages among others.

“Finally, we are inviting all local producers to register into the Municipal Register of Producers and Fishermen in order to have the intellectual property of their products and services, and, in this way, facilitate its commercialization, and promote them nationwide and worldwide as a Playa del Carmen exclusive brand, ” she concluded.

Source: http://cancunmio.com/