The maximum price of magna gasoline in Merida will be $15.38 pesos and premium $17.12 pesos….

MERIDA – Due to the earthquake of Tuesday September 19, the Energy Regulatory Commission (CRE) reported that the fluctuation of maximum prices for gasoline and diesel, as well the fiscal stimulus in the border area, will be temporary suspended.

According to information issued by the agency, for the moment the prices that became known on September 19 will be the same until the contingency period ends.

(Photo: SIPSE, Milenio Novedades)

The maximum price of gasoline in Merida will be $15.38 pesos per liter for the Magna, for the Premium $17.12 and for the Diesel $16.21 pesos per liter. In the case of Progreso, the price of Magna remains at $15.31 pesos, Premium $17.04 and diesel $16.13 pesos. Finally for the Yucatan distribution zone, price per liter of Magna will be $15.86, Premium $17.60 and diesel $16.70 pesos.

In the case of service station permit holders who have increased their prices above the maximum price that applied as of September 19, they must rescind it considering the communiqué derived from the emergency situation caused by the earthquake.


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