COMMENT: With our road trip over, I can tell you what it was really like to live in Mexico for a year  

The writer's wife with blouse from Chiapas. (PHOTO: Chuck Bolotin)

TYT presents the final installment in a Mexico road trip series with Chuck Bolotin, from Best Places in the World to Retire. Chuck, his wife, and two dogs drove through Mexico in a large, white van. Chuck writes that it was a little more than 12 months since they crossed the border into Mexico on their road trip around most of the country, including here in Yucatan. Here’s what Chuck says he can share and what they learned….

Maybe my wife and I lead lives a lot like yours.

Or at least we did, until about a year ago.  That’s when we sold our comfortable home in Arizona, sold, gave away or put into storage about 90% of our “stuff,” packed the rest into a big white van, and along with our two dogs, spent a year traveling around Mexico.

Why did we do it?  For an adventure before we were too old to do it and to see if we liked anywhere along the way as a place to live.

A lot has happened to my wife and me in that year and it certainly seems like more than a year since we crossed the border in Mexicali.

Maybe you would like to hear about it, in case you’re considering having your own adventure abroad…

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The writer’s wife with blouse from Chiapas. (PHOTO: Chuck Bolotin)