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Campeche is full of activities for your next trip (Part 2 of 2)

by Yucatan Times
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When planning a trip it is important to know all the places to visit and the activities to do in the destination, for and to help you decide on your next vacation itinerary, TYT brings you Part 2 of the El Universal trip recommendation: Campeche….

  1. International Festival of the Historical Center (FICH)

Fireworks at the FICH (Photo: Google)

FICH is celebrated in December with musical activities of all genres: jazz, salsa, funk, R & B, rock, pop, soul, ballads, boleros, bachatas, chachacha, cumbias and merengue. Opera and folklore will also be heard at this festival. In addition, there will be ballet and outdoor projections.

  1. Campeche Carnival

(Photo: El Universal; Tourism Campeche)

In February and March, the oldest carnival in Mexico is celebrated: 450 years. The “bad mood” is represented with a rag doll with traits of pirate, who walks the streets of the city inside a coffin and then is burned to give way to joy.

Some of the traditional dances that you will see are La Guaranducha and El Baile del Sombrero.

  1. Aviturismo Festival

From June to September this festival is held for the conservation and observation of birds. As part of its program, photographic inaugurations, conferences, tours to archaeological sites and nature reserves are planned.

(Photo: Google)

In September, a bird marathon is organized in Calakmul, where you can admire some of the 469 species of birds that live in the state of Campeche (50% of oviparous registered in Mexico) and learn a little of them. www.facebook.com/FestivalAviturismoCampeche/

  1. Fair of the Black Christ in San Román

In August and September the religious festival is celebrated in honor of the Black Christ who came from Italy 452 years ago to the region. It is said that this saint was requested by the people of San Román.

(Photo: Tribuna Campeche)

The wood carving was carved in an Italian port and arrived at the port of Alvarado in Veracruz; from there, it was set off for the town of Campeche, but on the way a storm was about to sink the ship. Surprisingly, the boat was saved so that the Christ could reach its destination. From that moment locals began to speak of the miracles that the Black Christ granted.

During the festival, the Black Christ is carried in a procession by sea and earth so that it blesses these natural elements and prevents that misfortunes arrive at the town.

  1. Manjares campechanos

Try the famous coconut shrimp, crab claws and a refreshing drink of chaya con piña. There are three restaurants that will not disappoint you: in La Pigua, one of their specialties is shrimp; Marganazo is another recognized site for its pre-Hispanic dishes, and Chac Pel has more than 50 years of culinary experience.

Ssrimp with coconut (Photo: El Universal; Turismo Campeche)

  1. Souvenirs from Campeche

Return home with a jipi or jipijapa hat, hand woven inside caves located at the bottom of the houses in Bécal. Due to the humidity and freshness of the caves, it is much easier to weave and mold the leaves of the jipi palms without breaking them.

Artisans making hats (Photo: El Universal)

To make these hats, they need to cut the buds of the palm; they thrash them so that they open and can remove the leaves, which are grated with needles of different thicknesses: one, two or three matches. The latter leaves the leaf strands thinner, which makes the result much finer and longer processing time.

Source: www.eluniversal.com.mx

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