Beware the recluse spider, a danger that comes with the rains in Yucatan

This is the deadly recluse spider (Photo: La Verdad)

It hides under gas tanks, behind tables, cabinets or bookshelves….

It is a species that adapts to any ecosystem, isn’t bigger than 2 centimeters with its stretched legs, but it is considered more dangerous than the black widow.

In case of a sting, wash the wound and go to the hospital, as failure to respond may result in death. Hospitals in Mexico have an antidote for their poison, according to Excelsior.

What effects does the recluse spider bite have?

Some of the most serious effects that the bite of this insect can cause are:

  • Coma
  • Blood in the urine
  • Yellowing of the skin
  • Renal insufficiency
  • Seizures
  • Death
This is the deadly recluse spider (Photo: La Verdad)

How does its bite affect you?

The recluse spider does not usually attack humans; in fact they fear them and hide a lot from them. For this and as a defense, they are likely to bite us if we run into them.

A bite from this spider can cause a severe itching or it may not present any discomfort at the moment. The pain usually occurs in the first hours after the bite, becoming more and more intense.

Children may have much more severe reactions, such as stopping breathing immediately. Those with sensitive skin may have a white blister on the affected area.

The scar tissue will become hard, and the lesions caused by the bite acquire a blue-gray or blue-white tone with irregular and reddish edges.

In more severe cases, the site of the bite may develop a larger lesion and the skin becomes gangrenous with an open wound that can be as large as a hand. The recovery takes about eight weeks and may leave some scars.