Alleged cartel operative arrested, then released in Merida

(Photo: Diario de Yucatan)

MERIDA — On Tuesday afternoon September 26, an exhaustive police operation resulted in the arrest of Eduardo G. B. G., an alleged associate of the Beltrán Leyva family (one of the major cartels in Mexico). But at 2 a.m. Wednesday September 27, he was released due to an administrative technicality.

The police followed the suspect from the “City Center” Mall t0 the private development “Porto Belo” in 88 street with 25 and 25-A of the colony Algarrobos, where he was finally captured.

(Photo: Diario de Yucatan)

Eleven police patrol cars from the Public Security Secretariat took part in the operation; the suspect resisted arrest but agents were able to capture and transfer him to a security complex on Merida’s peripheral road, where he was to be detained while awaiting judicial proceedings.

Among the alleged crimes that he was accused of are: extortion, kidnapping, drug trafficing and illegal extraction and commercialization of Pepino de Mar (sea cucumber).

The authorities’ official statement says that the subject was released because he does not have a valid arrest warrant against him and also that no illegal objects were found in his car at the time of the arrest.

The statement also mentioned that the main reason to detain him was his behavior when the policemen tried to fine him for the polarized tint of his car windows, which is forbidden by the Traffic Rules of the State.