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Acute alcoholism a public health issue in Yucatan

by Yucatan Times
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Medical expert warns about the excessive sale of alcohol in Yucatan….

MERIDA — Dr. Maricela Monzón Cerón, from the Regional Center for Public Health Research, explains that acute intoxication occurs by consuming too much alcohol in short periods, so much that it exceeds the liver’s ability to metabolize it.

“Then the person moves from a stage of euphoria, in which he feels uninhibited, to a state of depression of the central nervous system, which manifests itself with sleep, but which can lead to coma, respiratory arrest and death if there is no assistance with medical care,” she says.

According to the specialist, the most important symptoms of acute alcohol intoxication are manifested in changes in behavior, such as impulse disinhibition, aggressiveness, impaired judgment, difficulty speaking and inability to coordinate movements, unsteady gait and problems in family, social and work life.

Uncontrolled consumption of alcohol – alcoholism disease

The number of reported cases of acute alcohol poisoning, warns the doctor, shows the degree of abuse in the consumption of intoxicating drinks that occurs in Yucatan and which already represents a public health problem.

For every case of acute poisoning that is recorded in hospitals and health centers there are dozens more cases that are not recorded, says Maricela Monzón.

“This problem is a consequence of the indiscriminate sale of alcoholic beverages in the State and the lack of an institutional campaign to guide the public about the effects of drinking without moderation” she said.

Source: yucatan.com.mx

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