Yucatan invests in training police officers to maintain security

(Photo: SIPSE)

“The government of the state invests in human capital to guarantee security, because with the training and permanent evaluation of officers, police forces will have security elements of the highest level,” said Roberto Rodríguez Asaf, Yucatan’s General Secretary of Government.

MERIDA — Rodriguez Asaf, who is in charge of the Escudo Yucatan strategy, explained that one of the most important factors to be considered by the state administration in this area is “that the people who are in charge of security activities have the best capabilities, because it is to take care of those who live in the state”.

“Training such as the CSI course that was given to experts and investigative agents of the State Attorney General’s Office (FGE) and the Public Security Secretariat (SSP) guarantees we have the best techniques and methodology to investigate crime. The confidence control evaluations that are made on a regular basis allow us to select the best elements in which society can deposit this delicate task,” he said.

María Luisa Saucedo Tejada, who has been a crime expert for three years, assures that the specialized course in the analysis and processing of the crime scene helps the elements to have in their knowledge better parameters and practices of analysis in the forensic sciences.

“It seems to me that they invest in the professionalization of the elements because in Mexico, forensic sciences are important in the new criminal justice system,” added Saucedo Tejada, who, like her colleagues, was trained by US experts through of the international cooperation of the Merida Initiative.

(Photo: SIPSE)

Zayra Gutierrez Ardts, a chemical expert, adds that thanks to the course she already has more knowledge and techniques in chemistry, which allows her to improve and reinforce her work, in addition to supporting her criminal colleagues in crime scenes.

“More training means that we are going to do much better in our work,” said the expert, with ten years in the FGE, who emphasizes that in the lessons learned she can already exercise international protocols endorsed by the United Nations Organization or the Interamerican Court.

Rodríguez Asaf stressed that like María Luisa and Zayra, the experts, investigating agents and in general all the elements that the government has for security, “have a firm commitment with Yucatan, and that is why the administration of Governor Rolando Zapata Bello Recognizes them by providing them with the best training in the field”.

“We want the best elements, the best human capital to take care of the security of those who live in Yucatan, that is an effort in which we invest and work hard,” he concluded.

Source: www.larevista.com.mx/yucatan