CANCUN — During the past weekend, violence on the streets of Cancun and adjacent Isla Mujeres left two people dead, while three subjects were arrested for stabbing and killing a taxi driver in Region 247.

J.A.A.C., a 20-year-old from Coatzacoalcos, Veracruz, died after being shot in the head in the night hours of Sunday August 27. The Attorney General’s Office reported that the Investigation File “CI 269/2017” was initiated for homicide in this case.

Earlier, a taxi driver from Isla Mujeres died after being stabbed while fighting with three people aboard another vehicle. The taxi driver’s brother was also seriously injured in the fight.

In this regard, the Attorney General’s Office (FGE), announced that it has initiated the Research File CI 268/2017 against A.C.A.P, R.C.A.G. And A.A.G. for the murder of R.A.M.P and serious injuries of C.R.M.P.

In a report, Isla Mujeres’ police announced the arrest of three suspects for allegedly murdering the taxi driver and wounding a second man.

(Diario de Yucatán)

The report states that the two men and one woman were detained in the neighborhood “Colonia Mexico” in the mainland area, after being identified as responsible for assaulting and stabbing the taxi driver, who died minutes later due to seriousness of his injuries.

According to the testimony of the survivor of this attack, brother of the victim, the incident was recorded at 17:50 hours on Sunday, while they were aboard the taxi with license plates number 463.

They were stabbed on Calle Gastón Alegre by the aggressors in a red Verna-type car, who began to insult and then attack them. The taxi driver was left wounded and moribund, and minutes later passed away.