Progreso's Health Care Center with Extended Services (Photo: Google)

Port medical center provides attention 24-7….

PROGRESO — The Health Center with Expanded Services of Progreso (Cessa) works seven days a week with a service 24 hours a day, for the benefit of residents and visitors of this coastal area, which currently receives an important influx of national and international tourists.

The deputy medical director of that institution, Ramses Moguel Mendez, said that the medical and nursing staff of the site is trained to address any contingency that may happen at any time. He added that the professional training of the whole medical team is supported through the Suma program.

Progreso’s Health Care Center with Extended Services (Photo: Google)

The building has one of the best technology equipment such as the cardiopulmonary resuscitator, which tells us how serious the patient is for a correct decision making, he said.

Moguel Méndez said in a statement that activities are currently being reinforced in support of Operativo Costa, established by the state government, and that there is a correct coordination with the hospital network of medical emergencies to activate when necessary. He stated that Cessa has an average time of 15 minutes of patient care.

Experts recommend:

As for the holiday season tourists should not stay for too long a time exposed to the sun and use a sunscreen to avoid burns, in addition to being kept hydrated.

In the event of a heat stroke, he said that it is essential to go immediately to Cessa for evaluation.