Three wounded in shooting in Cancun hotel zone

Crime scene (Photo: La Palabra del Caribe)

With gunfire, two men attacked three passengers in a gray pickup near the parking lot of Coral Negro in the hotel zone….

CANCUN — According to witnesses, around 2:00 am on Saturday August 26, three people got into the Ford pickup after having strolled in the nightclub area, when two people walking out of the Coral Negro parking lot opened fire against them. The victims left the vehicle in the middle of the street, where a white Mustang crashed into it.

The 25 year-old van driver was transferred by ambulance to a hospital in the city, while the other two just left the scene. One of them was injured and arrived at the base of the Red Cross from where the presence of the paramedics was requested by 911. The third member was transferred to the Mexican Institute of Social Security, as he had three bullet impacts in the back, with an outlet in the thorax, and was reportedly in critical condition.

Crime scene (Photo: La Palabra del Caribe)

So far the cause of the attack is under investigation, but this situation is out of control, because now this gang dispute is taken to the tourist heart of Cancun, reported news website in Cancun.