Progreso entrepreneurs oppose oil extraction in Yucatan waters

(Photo: SIPSE)

They integrate a movement to make the oil companies abandon their intentions of transforming Yucatan into an oil dependent state like Campeche….

PROGRESO – The leaders of fishermens’ groups along the coast from Celestún to El Cuyo have just integrated a movement to oppose the intentions of the government and the oil extractive enterprises to drill offshore in their search for oil, because they are afraid this activity could kill the state’s fishing industry and pollute the water, which could affect tourism.

In a meeting at the Stella Maris Center in Progreso, they pointed out that they will protest and close the entrances to the ports if the federal government allows the start of exploration works that will end with the drilling and extraction of oil in the coasts of the state.

(Photo: SIPSE)

“The consequences will be that all of us are going to be forced to close our businesses and to start opening bars and brothels and to start dealing drugs, because the fishing will die and the tourists will stop coming because of the pollution in the water.” said Rudy Abad, a Progreso entrepreneur.

The oil extraction killed the fishing industry in Campeche, Ciudad del Carmen and Tabasco, he said.