Chocolates Wolter is a 100% Mexican company and a source of national pride. The chocolatier – founded in the state of Tabasco – is quickly positioning itself in the international scene of the chocolate industry, competing with companies from America, Europe, and Asia, reported “El Universal”.

More than one thousand companies participated in the 2017 Americas Competition of the International Chocolate Awards, held in New York, and this Mexican chocolatier brought home five medals – three silver and two bronze.

El Universal

Their superb mezcal and tequila bonbons won them silver and bronze, respectively, while their unrivaled chocolate bars, one made with 70% sea salt and seasoned with chicatana and cardamon, and the other, made with Chiapas chocolate and seasoned with lemon and corn ash, were awarded the second place in the rough ground flavoured dark chocolate bars category. Their 70% criollo Tabasco chocolate bar earned them their last bronze award in the plain dark chocolate bars category.

We should keep in mind this is just the second timeChocolates Wolter participates in a competition, yet they have the possibility of breaking into the world of fine chocolates. Last year, they earned a bronze medal in the Americas region, which has now allowed them to participate in the World Competition that will be held in England.

Alejandro Campos, chief executive officer of Chocolates Wolter, said “we honestly thought we had won a huge deal when we got the third place in the Americas. I mean, we made the world’s third best bonbon.”

The bronze medal, which they won in 2016, made history in the Mexican chocolate industry since Mexico had never won before an international achievement in this sector. “For us, it meant many things; that we can do it, that all our effort and years of work, the investment [sic]. It gave us a boost and rose the bar for 2017,” said Alejandro.

A challenge they are doubtlessly overcoming, since this year, Chocolates Wolter became the chocolatier with the most awards in America, and in October they will travel again to London, seeking more titles.

“We’re going to be the face of this year’s week of the entrepreneur, promoted by the Ministry of Economy, and then we’ll be featured in the National Institute of Entrepreneurs (INADEM) in September. We’re very satisfied with what we have achieved but we also have a huge challenge ahead of us. We’re still far from being one of the main players in the industry of fine chocolatiers,” he concluded.