(Photo: SIPSE, Novedades Quintana Roo)

All deaths were due to natural causes except a Russian man who drowned in a cenote….

PLAYA DEL CARMEN — Nine vacationers died in this destination during the holiday season, all due to natural causes except a Russian man who drowned while scuba diving in a cenote, informed the director of Public Safety, Juan Martín Rodríguez Olvera.

“What we did have in this season were several natural deaths, which were people who had cardiorespiratory arrest, and when the lodging centers informed us they had already passed away,” said the official.

(Photo: SIPSE, Novedades Quintana Roo)

Those deaths involved mainly elderly people and hotel guests, because in the public beaches that are guarded by the Department of Lifeguards there have been no deaths, according to Pedro Morales Cantú, coordinator.

“Yes we helped people with cramp problems, some jellyfish stings, but in general it has been a quiet season and without major setbacks on the beaches that go from the fiscal pier to Punta Esmeralda,” he said.

Rodríguez Olvera added that at the end of the season they will be carrying out operations in the municipal road section of the federal highway, to prevent accidents due to the vehicular load that is expected to increase with the “exodus” of tourists.

Although in the next week they will make the general count of traffic accidents, the police chief emphasized that there was a “medium index” of accidents, mainly related to lack of precaution and excess of alcohol.

The death of Russian tourist Dmitry Chernov, 31, on August 5 at the Lu’um Balam Cenote, tarnished the holiday season as his death occurred while he was engaged in tourist activities.

It should be noted that these assessments are in health, transit and civil protection, and does not include the deaths by shootings in Cancun and Playa del Carmen.

Source: sipse.com/novedades