New Starbucks store to open in Gran Hotel Merida. (PHOTO:

Mérida’s Centro will have a branch of the well-known coffee chain
Starbucks, which will be located on the ground floor of the Gran Hotel Mérida, in the Parque Hidalgo located at 60th Street at 59th Street.

The room off the hotel lobby that is now being outfitted to house the coffee shop will open in several weeks, sources said.

Without specifying the exact opening date, workers who are installing the furniture of the store mentioned that the authorization of the space, “will not take us more than fifteen days”.

The inauguration of the first branch of the chain in the Historic Center
of Mérida is generating great expectations among residents and visitors to the city.

New Starbucks store to open in Gran Hotel Merida.

“We hope that this place will become an important point of meeting both
for domestic and foreign tourists and also for us as meridanos, as well
has happened in other cities of the country,” said Mario Alonso, a young professional who walks through this site every day.

The new Starbucks of the Historic Center will have an internal coffee shop area and benches outside to enjoy the afternoon outdoors in this
emblematic park.

The chain has so far seven establishments in the city, and this one becomes the eighth branch of the most important coffee brand in the country and world.

Coffee empire

The first Starbucks store opened in 1971. At that time, the company was
a single store at Pike Place Market, a historic marketplace in Seattle,
Washington, U.S.  From its narrow storefront, Starbucks offered some of the best freshly roasted grain coffees in the world.

The name, inspired by the novel Moby Dick, evoked the romanticism of
high seas and the maritime tradition of the first coffee merchants.