Merida becomes a sustainable tourism reference for other countries

(Photo: SIPSE, Milenio Novedades)

Mayor Mauricio Vila Dosal advised officials from Lambaré, Paraguay….

MERIDA — Mayor Mauricio Vila Dosal welcomed the councilors of the city of Lambaré, Paraguay, Luis Paciello Lacasa and Adolfo Sosa, who expressed their congratulations for the actions carried out by the Merida Council to position the city internationally as a benchmark tourist destination.

“We have come to know which are the programs that apply in the city so that later in Lambaré they can be replicated looking for the same success,”  the councilors explained to Mayor Mauricio Vila.

Merida’s Development is Recognized Internationaly (Photo: SIPSE, Milenio Novedades)

During the meeting that took place in City Hall, the Lambaré councilors expressed their main interest is related to the environmental issue and how the City Council works to develop actions, such as the Green Infrastructure Plan, to achieve an environment approached to the one that has been generated in Mérida.

In this sense, they were told about the different actions carried out with this objective, such as the planting of 60,000 trees allowing the city to have seven square meters of green areas per inhabitant and above the average of Latin America that is 3.6 square meters, reforestation programs in parks and avenues of the city, the Adopt a Tree program, among others.

The goal was fulfilled earlier than expected, but the reforestation effort has not stopped, they continue in the city, so that at the end of this administration 80,000 trees will be planted and “thus getting closer to the nine square meters of green area per inhabitant recommended by the World Health Organization”.

This is one of the actions taken to reduce the effects of climate change and complement it with the elaboration of the Urban Tree Inventory, which allows accurate information on the health of the trees in Mérida to be adequately addressed.

They were informed about other actions carried out in terms of sustainability, including the placement of solar panels in administrative buildings and also in the City Hall.