Looking for a new lifetime best friend?

Kitten # 1

My wife and I have always been nature lovers. We love pets, and we like to promote respect for plants and animals.

We actually like pets so much that we currently have at home 5 cats and 7 dogs.

All of our “children” have been sterilized, and most of them were rescued from the streets of Mérida, where unfortunately there are thousands of animals that suffer from not having something to eat or a place to live.

And recently, we have four new inhabitants at home. They are absolutely adorable, fluffy and graceful; and they are looking for a new home where they are loved and pampered.

Due to the fact that we already have a good number of pets in our family, we are offering the creatures you see here for adoption:

The person who intends to adopt one of these kittens and become its “parent” must commit to spay and neuter, de-worm, feed and take good care of them.

If you are interested in adopting one of these wonderful beings, send an email to alex@theyucatantimes.com, and we will respond with the terms and conditions.


By Alex Azcarate