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Keep the romance alive with these five easy steps

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Whether the two of you met in a bar, club or on flirt.com, it sure can be difficult to be away from your partner for an extended period of time. It is also super important to spend plenty of time with your family which is why plenty of us choose to head off on holiday or travelling with our family and leaving our partners behind so they can spend time with theirs. Sometimes we just need that time away with our family to reconnect with them and get to know each other again.

The problem is it can be so easy to forget how great your relationship is and although they say absence makes the heart grow fonder, sometimes you need to take certain steps to keep that romantic fire burning. Here are five easy steps to do just that:


You may not be together in person but this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be in contact with each other as much as possible. Of course, you don’t want to go into overkill – both of you definitely need some alone time away from each other sometimes and the same goes for contact – you don’t want to be communicating all the hours of the day whilst you are away as you won’t enjoy your holiday and won’t end up spending any time with your family.

A phone call or Skype call or two, the odd text message or social media message should be sufficient per day to let your partner know that they are in your thoughts and that you miss them – you’ll also know that they miss you too and know that you can’t wait to get back to them.


Thinking about your good times together is a great way to keep that romance alive until you are able to get together in person again. Just thinking and talking about how you met, your first date, your first kiss and all those other firsts is bound to be nostalgic and bring back some very happy memories. You may be away making new memories with your family right now but you know that you have got that person to go back to at the end of your travels and that’s great.

Just a few minutes thinking about your relationship so far and how it means to you is sure to get that fire burning inside of you and remind you just what a great partnership the two of you are.

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Don’t Dwell On It

It can be so easy to get despondent about just how much you miss your partner and miss out on all the fun of your holiday. Your partner isn’t going anywhere, they will be there at home when you get back so it is important not to dwell on it and make yourself miserable. Think happy thoughts about your relationship and focus on having fun with your family and you’re bound to be so eager to get back to them once you step off that plane.

Make Time for Each Other

Whilst this ties in quite well with communication, it is so important to make the effort and make some time for each other. When you get a break in your day full of activities, send a text or call them to let them know you’re thinking of them. Likewise, they should take some time out of their day to let you know that they are thinking about you – whether they call you on their lunch break or text you as they are getting into bed. Just making those extra few seconds for each other during a day can make so much difference to a relationship and make it even stronger than ever.

Don’t Overthink It

Dwelling and overthinking are quite different. When you are dwelling, you are making yourself miserable thinking about what if’s and the why’s. When it comes to overthinking, you can let your mind go into overdrive whilst trying to figure out a way to make some time to speak to your partner, make some time to spend with family, make some time to just have some ‘you’ time. This can make you incredibly stressed and this will shine through in your mood and your behavior.

Your family won’t appreciate a moody and stressed person partaking in the day to day activities of the holiday with them and your partner won’t be too impressed at chatting to someone who clearly isn’t in a great mood – this could potentially do more damage than good. Whilst it is important to make time for each other, it is also important to not get stressed about doing so – whatever will be, will be – just wait and see how it all pans out as it is bound to work out in the end.

By Sandra Baker, relationships writer, Flirt.com blog

This article is published by TYT as sponsored content from togethernetworks.com, global dating alliance.


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