Irish man shot dead in car-jacking in Michoacán

A 29-year-old man from the Republic of Ireland has been killed during an apparent car-jacking in Michoacán, reports BBC News….

The victim has been identified as Noel Maguire from County Louth.

Local media report that he was shot during an apparent car-jacking in Lazaro Cardenas in the State of Michoacán.

It is understood Mr Maguire was travelling in the area with his partner, who is American.

Mexican media reported that the couple were approached at a gas station by two men who tried to rob them.

Mr Maguire was shot trying to defend his girlfriend and their vehicle was stolen.


It is understood that Mr Maguire, who was travelling on an Irish passport, was carrying a UK driving licence.

The Irish Department of Foreign Affairs says it is aware of the case and is providing assistance.

State Attorney General in Michoacán José Martín Godoy Castro said police are trying to trace the stolen vehicle and all indications are that this was a car-jacking.


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