Free enterprise is on display in Mexican mercados

Vendor at Mexican mercado. (PHOTO; Chuck Bolotin)

In this article for TheStreet, Chuck Bolotin of Best Places in the World to Retire writes that, if you are interested in free enterprise, there’s no place you’ll see it more clearly than at a Mexican mercado, and how it works….

There are very few concepts more important for U.S. citizens to know about than the operation of the free market. After all, the free market has traditionally been an American specialty, and its application is what many think is one of the primary reasons that the U.S. has been able to provide so much material prosperity to its citizens. Yet, just 20 U.S. states mandate that high school students take economics, according to the Council for Economic Education.

Vendor at Mexican mercado. (PHOTO; Chuck Bolotin)

It is one thing to try to learn how the free market works in a classroom from a textbook, but it makes much more of an impression to see it in action. I recently had such an opportunity, ironically not in the U.S. but rather as part of a road trip through Mexico to desirable expatriate locations, when we visited a small town mercado (market) in…

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