(Photo: La Revista Peninsular)

MERIDA — Although in the state there are breeding centers to supply deer meat to restaurants and hotels, Yucatan imports New Zealand meat, which is different but satisfies the demand for consumption of this delicious meat, said Carlos Bojórquez Urzaiz, director of the Interdisciplinary Program for Research and Technological Innovation of the Milpa Maya and Traditional Agroecological Systems.

In an interview with La Revista Peninsular, he said that this species has recovered in Yucatan with sanctions against poachers and with breeding grounds, but it can’t be said that it is no longer in danger of extinction, mainly because there are still those who do not respect the hunting ban.

He explained that in 1813 in Yucatan there had been so much deer that their skins and their meat were exported, but because they were abused in their commercialization, it was almost extinguished. “We must take care of the endemic animals that we mistakenly call exotic,” he remarked.

(Photo: La Revista Peninsular)

Bojórquez also clarified that it is important not to confuse poachers with the Mayas, since the poachers hunt the deer for sport or to sell, while the Mayans are very respectful of the hunt bans, they do not kill a female specimen and the animal is a complement of the milpa (their traditional agriculture system). The policemen must be careful in sanctioning the hunters because they are not all poachers.

About the municipalities where these animals are found, Bojórquez Urzaiz said that there are practically deer throughout the whole state.

Source: www.larevista.com.mx/yucatan