Cancun’s scorching temperatures compounded by lack of trees

Dramatic consequences are impacting seriously the city of Cancún, due to the lack of trees and excess of concrete.

According to the temperature measurement made by the “Asociación de Arboristas”, the Parque de las Palapas in Cancún features 47 degrees Celsius (with a thermal sensation of more than 50 degrees) at midday.

Rafael Reynoso Valdez, president of the Mexican Association of Arborists (AMDA), reported that the lack of trees and the urban expansion are generating high temperatures in the city, which make it impossible to walk through the streets at noon.

“It is clear that temperature is dramatically changing. When we go out, we don’t feel comfortable as Cancún is not a city to live in outdoor spaces”, explained the official.

On Saturday July 22, the extremely high temperatures reached 47 degrees Celsius with a thermal sensation exceeding 50 degrees in the area of “Las Palapas Park”, which was remodeled during the 2005-2008 municipal government managed by Francisco Alor Quezada.

Parque de las Palapas in Cancún (Sipse)

“Removing the trees from that park was one of the biggest mistakes committed during that administration, and now, this park is one of the main concrete slabs in the downtown area”, claims Alor Quezada.

“There is a great number of huge concrete slabs along the city, parking lots at hospitals and supermarkets, and playgrounds at schools, where the lack of shade turns these spaces into heat generators”, continued the environmental defender.

Leaders are talking with the supermarket company Sams to make a reforestation in its parking lot and take good care of the trees. There is also an initiative to reforest Bonampak avenue, providing new spaces of shade along the sidewalks.

According to INEGI, Quintana Roo ranks first place in deforestation and the last place in reforestation.

Playa del Carmen and Cancún both have a huge deficit of green spaces in their urban areas, and although there is a proposal that describes the methodology to be followed and the benefits that will be obtained; it cannot be carried out, unless it is financed by the private initiative”, he concluded.